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"Serendipity meets the table: Dine and meet new friends for a truly unique experience"

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We Are Meal Mates

Meal Mates is perfect for anyone looking to make new friends, have a delightful dining experience, or simply have a fun night out. With Meal Mates, you can connect with a wide range of people from different backgrounds, interests, and preferences, and meet up for a meal at a local restaurant.


Whether you are new to town, looking to broaden your horizons, or just want to try something new, the Meal Mates SerendipityAI™ is the perfect way to connect with others and discover new possibilities.


Membership is free!


Sign up now and start exploring the world of serendipity and novelty over a delicious meal!

Powered by SerendipityAI™

How Does It Work?

Sign Up

Apply for free! Submit an application for consideration. If you’re a fit, we’ll be in touch. We view our dinners as a great way to meet people you might not otherwise cross paths with & have worked to curate an open-minded, enthusiastic community.

Get Approved

Once you’re a member, you’ll be eligible to sign up for exclusive 4-8 person dinners (and occasional larger events) in a variety of areas around NYC


To reserve your spot at an upcoming event you’ll pay a one time fee. We’ll send you an email letting you know the logistics (reservation info, etc.) and any other relevant information you’ll need


You’re off! Go enjoy a night of great food with even better people. We’ll follow up afterwards to hear how it went

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